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Holistic Healer: Mr. Raj Beedasy

Diploma in Massage therapy, Acupressure, Yoga.
Pune(INDIA) &, Reiki and Holistic Healing

I studied alternate healing in Pune, India. Later, I acquired years of experience and I was trained and guided by my honorable gurus in India. I often go abroad for weeks to practice, which I like to call ‘my healing trip’. My patients are not only Mauritians, but they also come from South Africa, Madagascar, France and other countries. The centre at Triolet was inaugurated by the Swami Satyanarayan Mourya in the sole aim of bringing a contribution to the welfare of humanity. The Swami is a holy man endowed with extraordinary talent; he is a gifted poet, musician, singer, speaker, painter, cartoonist and above all a Nationalist. A truth-seeker by character, the Swami seeks to convey a message of awakening in his own special manner.

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