“Ayurvedic” Neurotherapy

"Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy , is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the vedic principles and philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints & blood and lymphatic channels. Those in the field believe that the body is coordinated by three different humors or energy forces as Vata (air), pitta (bile), and kapha(water). Neurotherapy helps in restoring and balancing the energy forces of the body that regulates the physiological equilibrium to perform better function of the body, mind, spirit .

The term Neurotherapy comes from the two words: neuro meaning nerves and therapy stands for application. "Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy, places main emphasis upon the organism integrity of the body’s mechanism as being the most important factor in the maintenance of health.

Its Functions
It is a complete system of healing, incorporating psychological, bio-force, and biochemical aspects. It discovers the root cause of the disease and treats the same in an integrated manner. The disorder of the bodily organs causes an imbalance in the biochemical forces leading to the development of diseases. The therapist activates or deactivates the organ(s), through pressure or massage on the nerve channels to stimulate or depress the blood, other body fluids and the nerve currents so as to restoring the balance and harmony of the body thus helping the body regain its equilibrium. It is used as a therapy for chronic as well as acute diseases and treats the whole human body system and not only the apparent illness. Also, it has no side effects and provides immediate healing of some ailments, whereas others may need relatively longer duration.

Method applied
The therapist applies pressure by standing on the patient’s body and the pressure is skillfully controlled. However, the pressure applied to the connecting nerve channels is regulated according to the age, sex and tolerance of the patient. The other technique used in "Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy, is massage which results in the inflow of the blood supply to the organs stretching the tissues, muscles and the nerves.